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Robert Space Industries & CIG Subscriber Update 2018

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Your Subscriber perks for 2018, new flair, new Jump Point design and release schedule, new shows and upcoming Imperator events.

Dear Star Citizens,

Welcome back to your monthly Subscriber newsletter.

Thank you for voting on your current perks. Now that the results are in, we have refined your experience for 2018.

Starting this quarter, all Subscribers will be granted First Wave access to the Star Citizen PTU, which will continue as a perk throughout 2018.

Until the end of April, you will continue to receive hangar collectibles, and in the second quarter we will instead release flair items for use in-game, such as specially skinned weapons. Imperators will also be receiving special variants along with the standard items.

Subscribers will still have VIP early-access to CIG event ticket sales. This year, Imperator-level members will have the chance to attend special events at our studios.

Jump Point is going through a design overhaul, with the new version debuting in February. This month’s issue includes some behind the scenes features that you won’t want to miss and releases on the last Friday of the month, kicking off the new publishing schedule.

Town Halls are coming back, set to air on the last Wednesday of each month. Tune in to the next one on January 31st.

Based on your feedback and our development schedule, we are making some changes to our show lineup this year. Citizens of the Stars will be replaced by Calling All Devs, a new Q&A series. Reverse the Verse, a live weekly round-up talk show will fill the Happy Hour time slot and Around the Verse will have an updated format.

All the rest of the perks you love will remain, including access to the Vault, coupons and discounts, and the Ship of the Month, which is currently Aegis Dynamics’ Retaliator Bomber.

The full complement of perks will be updated on the website at the end of this month.


Your Subscriber Support Team

January Flair – Vanduul Action Figures

Intergalactic menace gets fun-sized with these Takuetsu Vanduul action figures, being released to Subscribers tomorrow as part of a toy-centric series of hangar flair.

Starting this year, Imperator-level Subscribers will receive a special variant along with the standard flair item.

Ship of the Month – Retaliator Bomber

Jump in the cockpit of Aegis Dynamics’ formidable predator for a taste of its unrivaled firepower, including the bomb bay and torpedo launcher standard to this model.

Subscriber Events in LA and Derby 

All Subscribers will still receive VIP early-access to purchase tickets for CIG events. Additionally, Imperator-level subscribers will have the opportunity to attend exclusive events throughout the year. Below are the dates for the first half of the 2018:

March 7th – Attend a taping of Around the Verse in our Los Angeles studio.

March 8th & April 20th – Experience a face-scanning and Mocap demo at our Derby studio.

You will have the opportunity to get a ticket for the Los Angeles event on Friday, January 26th in two batches, at 12PM and 2PM PST.

Only 50 tickets will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We will continue to keep you updated as more details become available.

January 2018 Issue

Jump Point’s new look will be unveiled next month. This month’s issue is full of features you won’t want to miss. Get a behind the scenes look at the recently released Squadron 42 vertical slice and a peek under the hood of the mighty Tumbril Nova.

Galactic Guide – Cano System

Travel to the Cano System, home to protected aquatic species, underwater cities, abundant natural beauty, and rampant geographical dangers in a new Galactic Guide, available only to Subscribers.

Around the Verse

Sandi and Chris host this week’s episode, featuring a studio update from our team in Austin with an in-depth look at the Star Citizen publishing process.

Reverse the Verse Live

Special guest Erin Roberts joins host, Jared Huckaby for the first episode of Reverse the Verse, breaking down the week that was, and this week’s ATV, live on Friday at 12PM PST.

Javelin T-Shirt

You voted and the choice was clear. This T-shirt, featuring the popular Javelin, is going into production. Subscribers will soon be able to show their love for Aegis’ venerable destroyer.

Jump Point Volume 3

This hardcover collection of every Jump Point published in 2015 will remain available to subscribers through the end of the month.
Check out this mouse pad, brought to you by the Verse’s prime authority on gear, Whitley’s Guide.
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