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πŸš€ Celebrate Star Citizen’s IAE event with GameGlass πŸ›Έ

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15% off Cybersale – and Custom Keybinds are here!

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Β  Star Citizen’s International Aerospace ExpoΒ event is now on, giving you the chance to fly almost every ship in the game. FREE. To celebrateΒ we’re giving away some killer gaming tech,Β including a super-premium A50 headset from ASTRO, a VirpilΒ Alpha grip, andΒ aΒ Nomad ship. To enter the draw, simply buy aΒ ShardΒ orΒ Glass Pass.Β  Β  Β  Terms & Conditions Β  HOST 3.0 IS HERE Β  Β  One of your most requested features is now available on GameGlass. Fully customizable keybinds. If you have the perfectΒ keybind setup in Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen, you can now re-map any GameGlass button to match. We’ve also expanded support for more international keyboards. Oh, and one more thing. GameGlass has been massively upgraded to useΒ WebRTC. FORGEΒ will use this new tech for many of its features, as will many of the new Shards we’re saving up to announce. Simply close and re-launch your existing Host to automatically upgrade. Β  Β  18Β days. Β  Until we all disappear into a haze of neon and holographic rocker ghosts. PS: this is not a secret hint about anything. We’re just psyched to finally play.Β 
Β  Β 
Β  GameGlass Inc.
8 The Green
Suite #8110
Dover, Delaware 19901 Β 
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