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Celebrate Invictus Launch Week with the Chairman’s Club, new Origin G12 If this is not displaying correctly? View it in your browser.   05aa4e90-9a75-4708-8d80-330c490d295e.jpg   May 21st, 2020 Esteemed Chairman’s Club Member,  It’s that time of year again when our spaceports are flooded with brave men and women in uniform, their families, and throngs upon throngs of tourists looking to take an up-close gander at the creme de la creme of UEE military ship craft. That’s right, Invictus Launch Week is once again upon us, and we can practically smell the patriotism in the air. 
  Of course, said patriotism is joined by the distinct bouquet of commerce, with aerospace and defense manufacturers coming out of the proverbial woodwork to ride the potentially lucrative wave of Invictus hype. Of particular note to our membership this year, Origin Jump works are taking the opportunity to open preorders for their upcoming G12 line, putting an Invictus-hued spotlight on the combat-centric G12a and its veritable bevy of missiles.
  So whether you’re carousing with the rabble, taking in the show from a penthouse suite, or catching highlights on Spectrum, you too can be thoroughly inspired all week long. On Behalf of the Board of Trustees, e5922361-1f6c-400c-b203-f672be31cceb.jpg Information Director
Chairman’s Club Headquarters
Central Core Bank
Earth, Sol System e5922361-1f6c-400c-b203-f672be31cceb.jpg   1f696db6-b1da-477a-bdcd-dc5b1351cfe2.jpg Screenshot-2016-08-25-144259.png A Different Class of Rover

Origin claims to “set new standards in adventure performance” with this year’s upcoming G12 line, and as an esteemed member of the Chairman’s Club, you can get your very own adventure started with 24 hours of exclusive early access to secure your G12 preorder. Act now, and beat the Invictus crowds. 4cb05643-d50e-4219-9c9f-bd5ef61531f8.jpg Screenshot-2016-08-25-144259.png Here Comes the Fleet

Starting tomorrow, head to Area18, ArcCorp, and welcome the Naval Fleet to Stanton in true Chairman’s Club style. While you’re there, why not drop by the Bevic Convention Center for complimentary test-flights in the hottest military-adjacent ships available to civilians? Different manufacturers will be showing off their latest and greatest every day through June 1st.  4cb05643-d50e-4219-9c9f-bd5ef61531f8.jpg a882afa1-5123-4691-a20e-733431e89d95.jpg       1f696db6-b1da-477a-bdcd-dc5b1351cfe2.jpg   Our contacts over at Drake Interplanetary have dropped some intel that leads us to believe that most notorious ship manufacturers may have some special Invictus Week plans of their own. Area18, you have been warned thusly. 

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