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Coming Up at The Satellite: The Sadies, Ben Browning (Cut Copy) & more!

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Spaceland Presents

The Sadies
w/ Blue Rose Rounders + DJ Cuz’n Roy +Nocona
(October 26 at The Satellite)

They are a band that fans cling to like a closely guarded secret, with each new release fulfilling the promise to reach further, for all of our sakes, not just their own. With their most recent release ‘Northern Passages’, the time has come to make room for more on this wild acid-folk-country-punk trip, and trust me, we’ll be better off because of it.


Dear Rouge
w/ Dark Rooms + The Years
(November 13 at The Satellite)

Since putting out their debut EP in 2012, Dear Rouge have been on a somewhat breathtaking upward trajectory. That independent release led to another one, and the accolades began to flood in: a B.C.–based radio award, songwriting prizes, a sweet record deal, charting singles, and a 2016 Juno for Breakthrough Group of the Year followed in short order.


Ben Browning (of Cut Copy)
(November 30 at The Satellite)

Outside of his role as a bassist for Grammy nominated electro-pop outfit Cut Copy, Australian songwriter/producer Ben Browning has adeptly bridged the gap between band mate to full-fledged front man.

After listening to this record I hope people feel like they’ve gone on a smooth psychedelic journey through a colorful musical world,” he says. “I wanted to create an album that people would want to play in their homes whilst cooking dinner or getting high and imagine what they’re hearing comes from a land created by Jim Henson – or perhaps they’re listening to a lost George Harrison album recorded in the Caribbean and discovered on a VHS tape 30 years later.


Cult Leader
w/ Echo Beds + God Mother
(December 20 at The Satellite)

Across five years, two EPs and one full-length, Salt Lake City based crew Cult Leader have established themselves as one of the leading forces of chaotic, grinding metallic hardcore. Their new track “I Am Healed” underlines that status, as it comes roaring out of the gate from moment one, turning on a dime from silence to a technical drum fill based around a d-beat. Their forthcoming sophomore LP, A Patient Man, is due on November 9th.


Spaceland Presents • 527 W. 7th Street #607 • Los Angeles, CA
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