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Elite Dangerous Newsletter #306

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All the latest from Elite Dangerous View this online       IMG: CMDR Ironside-999   Newsletter #306   Greetings, Commander Hanover_Fiste         Game Rebalancing   The community and development teams are working with your feedback to design a series of core gameplay loop balancing changes. These will be woven into the narrative and delivered step by step starting with mining before moving onto combat and beyond. The changes are expected to begin early next week. Check out the post on the forums for more information.    
Racing Championships The Elite Racing group are hosting the Scarab Championships: check out the trailer and join their Discord server for more information and to get involved! WATCH NOW

New Podcast The new Fatherhood News podcast continues to air its daily show. This program reports on the storyline and BGS movements in the Fatherhood player groups’ area of the galaxy. Check it out         HCS Voice Packs   HCS Voice Packs are adding their new ship voice DELTA and updating their Crusoe pack. Crusoe features the voice of astrophysicist Eylene Pirez who worked on Cassini for NASA and is bringing a little more science to your flights in Elite.   Check it out    
SuperCruise News #13 Community managers Stephen and Arthur are teaming up with special guests CMDR BlackMaze and CMDR Alec Turner to go full throttle with racing in Elite Dangerous! WATCH NOW
Fight or Flight – Monthly CQC Arthur and Bruce take to the CQC arena with guest pilot CMDR Obi Wan for some fast paced PvP action in Fight or Flight. WATCH NOW       Community Streams   Check out our community streams thread to find the latest content from creators new and old! Want to see your stream featured? Post your info directly to the thread with dates and times in UTC!    
STORE SPOTLIGHT     Can’t wait for Black Friday?
Good news, you don’t have to! Head on over to the store now and get 30% off the majority of our catalog of cosmetics! Remember to check in next week for our usual Black Friday offerings, this time with a little twist…

If that wasn’t enough, new to the store this week you can also get your hands on the Sidewinder Slipstream and Asp Scout Lakon paint job schemes.     GO TO THE STORE   Want to be the first to hear about the latest product releases, promotions, and sales on the Frontier store?
 Sign up to the store alert list here.    
Galnet News   Coalsack Nebula Campaign Completes Initial Stages
*Pilots Federation ALERT*
An Alliance initiative has successfully prepared the Coalsack Nebula for exploitation and reduced the Thargoids’ presence.
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Emperor Decides Hadrian Duval’s Status
Princess Aisling Duval’s request for her cousin, Imperator Hadrian Augustus Duval, to be accepted into the Imperial Family has been denied.
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