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The atmosphere of New Vegas is a study in contrasts. It’s a glamorous city covered in rust, and an oasis of wealth rising from a world leveled by nuclear devastation. Vestiges of life before the bombs dropped are woven into its identity. Cheerful advertisements are as inescapable as crime, with pre-war smiles surviving the fallout. Bring this unique aesthetic to your home with the: NEW VEGAS LUNCH BOX BUNDLE Bring the atmosphere of Fallout New Vegas all over your home with this bundle of gear. METAL LUNCHBOX It’s the perfect place to pack your canteen, soda, and perfectly-preserved pie!  Design Front: New Vegas sign & NCR Ranger artwork
Back: New Vegas Cityscape at night
Sides: ‘Enjoy your stay’; with distress effects VAULT GIRL PILLOWCASE Fits queen size pillow
Features Vault Girl pinup SUNSET SARSAPARILLA PIN Soft enamel pin
Material: Zinc Alloy Width: 1.5 in (3.81 cm)
Height: 1.84 in (4.67 cm) MASS WITH SASS PIN Soft enamel pin
Material: Zinc Alloy Width: 1.19 in (3.02 cm)
Height: 1.75 in (4.45 cm) SUNSET SARSAPARILLA PRINT Decorate your place with a vintage poster for the most popular beverage in the West! TOPS CASINO MOUSEPAD It’s like you’re sitting around a table at the Tops! Width: 9.8 in (24.89 cm)
Height: 7.9 in (20.07 cm)    
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Classic Doom Helmet Collector’s Bundle
Classic Doom Helmet Collector’s Bundle
DOOM Eternal Mini Cacodemon Collectible
DOOM Eternal Mini Cacodemon Collectible
Vault-Tec Stash Box 004 Vault-Tec Stash Box 004   Seal of the Slayer Tee Seal of the Slayer Tee
Great War 2020 Tee
Great War 2020 Tee
Great War 2020 Pin    
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