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Have We Got Atoms All Wrong? | Will Lockett in Predict

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Stories from GamingHQ. Burn Fat in Your Sleep, Start Tonight. The First World War’s Weird Coincidence. Scientists Have Discovered a Genuine Room-Temperature Superconductor. Medium Logo  
Today’s highlights   Have We Got Atoms All Wrong? What is the true nature of atoms? Do they really look like this? Will Lockett in PredictMember only content7 min read     Burn Fat in Your Sleep, Start Tonight One simple intervention at home can improve your metabolism while you sleep, and the positive benefits don’t… Tim ReesMember only content5 min read     The First World War’s Weird Coincidence Uncanny, but true… Sean Arthur in Noteworthy – The Journal BlogMember only content9 min read     Scientists Have Discovered a Genuine Room-Temperature Superconductor by Joel Hruska ExtremeTech in ExtremeTech AccessMember only content3 min read In case you missed it   Learn About the Purchasing Power of Money If You Want to Become Rich There is no other time in history where this concept matters so much. The financially uneducated get hurt. Tim Denning in The AscentMember only content6 min read     Has a War on Democracy Been Declared? When a Head of State is Legitimizing Political Violence You Should Be Very Worried umair haque in Eudaimonia and CoMember only content8 min read     Start a Side Hustle, Build Yourself an Empire A business is too hard to get your head around. Tim Denning in Entrepreneur’s HandbookMember only content9 min read Quick reads   Embracing Death to ‘Own the Libs’. Donald Trump might be losing the election, but up to 40 percent of the country will be acting in his name… Lauren Martinchek in Dialogue & DiscourseMember only content4 min read     Everything ‘Emily In Paris’ Got Wrong According To An Actual French Person It honestly had me laughing at how ridiculous my people can be. Thought CatalogMember only content4 min read     So I Watched ‘Cuties’ A few thoughts on Netflix’s controversial new movie John DeVore in HumungusMember only content4 min read Best in Equality   Reformism Isn’t Liberation, It’s Counterinsurgency You can’t abolish systemic anti-Blackness and racial-colonial violence by protecting the system itself Dylan Rodriguez in LEVELMember only content9 min read     Nikki Giovanni: ‘There’s Nothing Greater on Earth Than Black Women’ With her new book ‘Make Me Rain,’ the 77-year-old outspoken poet continues her revolutionary body of work Christina M. Tapper in ZORAMember only content9 min read Best in Philosophy   The Philosophy That Explains Why So Many Silicon Valley CEOs Are Always Playing… A Stanford professor explains how tech titans channel obscure philosophies to convince us — and themselves —… Adrian Daub in OneZeroMember only content9 min read     Mannesplaining Does a tendency to reflexively empathize with the feelings and failures of men explain the structure of… Oliver Traldi in Arc DigitalMember only content18 min read     6 Lessons From Stoic Philosophy That Can Make Your Life Better Today If you can’t find your way forward, try looking back — way back to 161 AD Ryan Holiday in ForgeMember only content7 min read Best in Productivity   Your Entire Life Is on Gmail. It’s Time to Clean That Up. Don’t suffer like I’ve suffered Angela Lashbrook in DebuggerMember only content8 min read     It’s Time to Replace Ambition with Adaptation The pandemic and climate crises make working ourselves to the bone in service of our own ambition seem a… Rosie Spinks in ForgeMember only content7 min read Most read   You Are Supposed To Outgrow Some Friendships Not everyone is here for a lifetime Brianna Wiest in Human PartsMember only content5 min read     The Price of Male Shame My own feelings paled in comparison to the men in my life Maya Novak-Herzog in Human PartsMember only content10 min read Make this mail better. Tailor your topics
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