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“How to Read Two Books a Week” published in Forge by Darius Foroux

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Today’s highlightsHow to Read Two Books a WeekDoes your reading list keep growing? Did you buy books that you’ve never read? It might be time to cross more…Darius Foroux in Forge5 min readBezos: A CEO Who Can Writeby Jean-Louis GasséeJean-Louis Gassée in Monday Note7 min readWho Is Going To Make Money In AI? Part IWe are in the midst of a gold rush in AI. But who will reap the economic benefits? The mass of startups who…Simon Greenman in Towards Data Science16 min readLand of the “Super Founders“— A Data-Driven Approach to Uncover the Secrets of…I Spent 300 Hours Gathering Data On Billion-Dollar Startups and Here’s 100 Charts You Shouldn’t MissAli Tamaseb18 min readQuick readsWhen you’ve lost Matt Drudge….By B.J. RudellDuke University in Duke University Opinion and Analysis4 min readOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Sad Spiritual Sequel to Inglourious BasterdsThe film might have left you asking one basic question: what was the point of that?Jared Bauer in Wisecrack4 min readReact <Animated /> TutorialThere is a chasm between using React to build UIs and needing to know how it actually works under the hood.JavaScript Teacher3 min readMost readYour Childhood Dreams Are Stunting Your GrowthOur most damaging critics are the people we used to beBrianna Wiest in Human Parts4 min readWhat is a Black Swan event?Necessary and sufficient conditionsJørgen Veisdal in Cantor’s Paradise10 min readMy Polyandrous Relationship Is Not TabooMost discussions of polygamy center on men with multiple wives. What about women with multiple husbands?Funlayo E. Wood-Menzies in Human Parts10 min readEditors’ picks14 Questions to Ask Yourself Again and AgainThere’s life-changing power in regular self-inquiryDarius Foroux in Forge3 min readI Am the Intolerant LeftImpeachment should only be the beginning. There’s no shame in being intolerant of what Trump and his party…Drew Magary in GEN6 min readThis City Is a Multiracial MeccaHint: It’s not where you might expectKristal Brent Zook in ZORA12 min readStill looking for something to read?Follow a trending topic to see what you’re missing.TechnologyThe download.+FutureDispatches from tomorrow.+ProgrammingThe good, the bad, the buggy.+SelfLive better.+PhilosophyThink about it.+StartupsFounding, funding, and…+
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