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IAE 2950 is here – have you checked it out?

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IAE 2950 is here, Free Fly has started, and new ships and merch have landed! Is this not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. 27b6115e-df3e-453b-8684-eb4ede490eef.jpg IAE 2950 is here – have you checked it out?
November 20, 2020
Dear Citizen,

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for! The 2950 Intergalactic Aerospace Exposition opened its doors earlier today, giving you access to the hottest ships from the biggest manufacturers, once-a-year sales, new releases, ship liveries, videos, and more. The next two weeks are jam-packed with the very best the ‘verse has to offer, and you’ve got a front-row seat to the action – literally. Plus, the Free Fly will continue until the end of IAE (you can check out the schedule here), so now’s the time to take that ship you’ve been eyeing up for a spin!

Jax McCleary will be bringing you new video updates throughout the expo and every day will feature new manufacturers, ships, and sales. Be sure to check out our FAQ post on Spectrum to get more details about the event. We’ll see you at the expo hall!

Thank you for your continued support,

The Star Citizen Team 8b2a9904-81b0-43df-973b-408d27330aa5.png ff0ef48d-9ab6-4f02-8327-d6b93278ee00.png UEE_Senate_Hall.png IAE 2950 is here! Today is the first of 13 action-packed days at IAE 2950! Now is your chance to get a look at the hottest vehicles from the top manufacturers in the ‘verse and fly over 100 ships for free. You can check out the ship schedule here. There will be new features and things to do daily, so make sure you don’t miss out!
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Alpha 3.11 Postmortem Alpha 3.11 High Impact launched on October 8 and introduced cargo decks, force reactions, and changes to Armistice Zones. Our senior developers weigh in on how it went in this new Postmortem. 0ab919ff-eb83-435b-9f69-bd37bf5e7ad3.png
26f21400-4b46-4ca2-832d-79d776f69792.png Image-SC-Status.png
Drifters Part Three The fierce crew of the Harlequin returns for the third part of this series. How will they recover from a run of fateful and unexpected encounters along with a shocking new betrayal?
26f21400-4b46-4ca2-832d-79d776f69792.png c2629c76-6e98-4553-bb1e-5f2331804e04.png Image-SC-Status.png Big things are on the horizon for you. (Screenshot: Gesufal) f545cc7b-c3d4-4833-a6d1-8b35b37e7130.png

Live Version Alpha 3.11.1 PTU Version N/A PTU Test Group N/A ee48c9a8-c86d-439c-ab7a-ff043b91b62e.png cdc19b4f-3898-4b23-9c31-1d0763ad476c.png 413ab4a1-19a9-4171-b9ca-47d75d07374e.png Image-SC-Status.png
Consolidated Outland Nomad The newly-released Nomad is perfect for the pilot that wants to do it all, and do it all alone. Refined but self-sufficient, with solid firepower and great cargo space, you won’t want to wait to get behind the controls.
26f21400-4b46-4ca2-832d-79d776f69792.png Image-SC-Status.png
IAE Swag IRL Now is the best time to rep your favorite manufacturer, ship, or stuffed penguin! Holiday gear has hit the pledge store, so you can order a gift for your crew (or yourself) today.
26f21400-4b46-4ca2-832d-79d776f69792.png c78038c9-8025-4f95-9069-7a4929c28911.png Image-SC-Status.png
Crusader Coffee Don’t forget – Subscribers receive a 10% discount on all of the new IAE and holiday merch and a 15% discount on all older merch. Start getting your daily caffeine buzz from your new favorite mug.
26f21400-4b46-4ca2-832d-79d776f69792.png add88c92-d31f-46cf-81ea-083f1395d6e3.png 924936c2-8a7e-48d7-b9ab-6e003e922132.png Image-SC-Status.png Inside Star Citizen This week we’re talking IAE (of course), from the brand-new expo hall to the release of Consolidated Outland’s latest ship, the Nomad.
26f21400-4b46-4ca2-832d-79d776f69792.png Image-SC-Status.png Star Citizen Live This episode is all about AI! The Social, Combat, and Ship AI teams joined the conversation to shed some light on how NPCs operate in the ‘verse.
26f21400-4b46-4ca2-832d-79d776f69792.png 7825e19a-b67c-48a7-a4c2-fb1b0d1e0d97.png Image-SC-Status.png
Mercury Star Runner | Cinematic Shots Ninjedy knows what everyone wants to see and thus earns this week’s MVP title. Skillfully staged, you can experience Crusader Industries’ first ship at IAE 2950.
0ab919ff-eb83-435b-9f69-bd37bf5e7ad3.png ee48c9a8-c86d-439c-ab7a-ff043b91b62e.png 1f41a07e-0603-4fa4-b04b-998adf406186.png Image-SC-Status.png I’m on the hunt for who I’ve not yet become.
  ee48c9a8-c86d-439c-ab7a-ff043b91b62e.png b3afb9bf-d2e0-44a2-880e-938844c31a17.png 910fae26-e4b9-4198-a459-0deb8c12ee26.png
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