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Richard Let’s Come Together to End Homelessness – Bring CA Home!!!

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            Dear Global Gamers,    
In 1976, two Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet came together with volunteers in the community to offer hope and help to vulnerable people in Venice. When the pandemic hit, Robbie was living in a tent. Thanks to our Project Roomkey program, she moved into her new home last week. Project Roomkey also played a key role when we came together with community leaders and neighbors to move 77 people from the Penmar/Rose Avenue encampment into a safe shelter. Togetherness is what created St. Joseph Center, and it sustains our work today.   However, the work to end homelessness is yet to be over.   Everyone should have a safe place to lay their head at night.    
St. Joseph Center is proud to partner with Bring CA Home, a plan that calls for California to invest $2.4 billion annually. These funds combined with federal and local resources can reverse the cycle of homelessness for our state.   This annual $2.4 billion policy proposal could fund ● Prevention: Help 28,000 people and families by creating new affordable apartments and providing low-cost interventions like rental assistance and other cash payments that allow people to stay in their homes.   ● Interim Housing: Help close to 25,000 individuals and families access a safe place to shelter while they find permanent housing, including innovative programs like leasing motel rooms, hotel vouchers, and navigation centers with case managers.   ● Permanent Housing: Allow at least 43,000 people to move into permanent housing through rental housing and capital development, and for at least 22,000 households to connect to family and friends to exit homelessness.   ● Services: Provide housing navigation, case management, and employment support to about 50,000 people so they can thrive in long-term housing.   As a supporter of St. Joseph Center, you have been our partner in helping the most vulnerable in our community. This is the work we are doing together.   However, our work has met a new challenge. Since the pandemic, homelessness has worsened. California has invested billions of dollars in one-time funding allocations, but we need a sustainable, reliable strategy to create a long-term solution. Join St. Joseph Center in supporting the Bring CA Home plan.   Together, we can make sure that everyone has a roof over their head.    Here’s How You Can Help   Visit the Website and Sign Up for updates. Read the plan or download it Here. Share this proposal amongst your peers and advocate in your socials.   When we all come together we can move mountains. Join us!   With gratitude,   Your friends at St. Joseph Center         Our mission is to provide working poor families, as well as homeless men, women, and children of all ages with the inner resources and tools to become productive, stable and self-supporting members of the community.     St. Joseph Center | 310-396-6468 | |
St. Joseph Center | 204 Hampton Drive, Venice, CA 90291
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